3 Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Hacker-Safe

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Nowadays we live in a world where cybersecurity is no longer just a concern for people in the tech industry. Online viruses and phishing scams are all over the internet and can cause destructive impacts, either in your work or even personal life.

With more people now using mobile phones as their main device, and for accessing their work, it’s important to be know how to keep your smartphone safe from cyber threats and cyber-attacks. 

Once a mobile phone is connected to the internet, it becomes exposed to multiple viruses. Cybersecurity professionals are warning people of these dangers. We all need to act prudently to prevent our data from being stolen. Keep the below pointers in mind whenever using your mobile device.

Think Twice Before Connecting Free Wi-Fi

When travelling, being able to connect to free Wi-Fi seems to be a blessing from up above, but beware of those free networks. They are sometimes used as gateways to access your personal data. 

Large-scale corporations with Wi-Fi networks are likely to be more trustworthy than small and unknown public venues that you connect to on your travels.

Don’t Be Quick To Double Click

You might be downloading spyware without noticing it. This can be via accessing websites using your mobile phone. Phishing is one of the main scandals that encourages us to click on links that seem interesting to us. A simple click on a website can let you download harmful spyware otherwise known as a ‘drive-by download’. This can attack your device and expose your files to hackers.

Opening your emails and even checking SMS messages is risky as well. A lot of phishing emails are going right through your inbox and if you’re not careful, you might be the next victim of a cyber-attack. Smishing is what you call a SMS version of Phishing. It works the same way, so you really need to be careful on what you double click.

Freedom Isn’t Free: Watch Those Free Apps

Free apps seem to be a good deal, but you should be careful when downloading them as it mightn’t be free at all. These apps could be collecting personal details from your stored files. So, make sure to not rush whenever you are prompted with an ‘accept’ button.

If your business has created a mobile app for your customers, being attacked is indeed damaging. A hacker can become the middleman between your business and customers meaning they can access your clients’ information and potentially steal funds.

Smartphone = Computer

These are just a few tips to keeping your smartphone safe but there are lots more (regular backups, bio-security, find-my-phone apps, etc). The best way to think about your smartphone just like it’s another computer (because it is!). Everything you do protecting your computer (including basic behaviours) you should do for you smartphone – that’s the easiest way to remember all the things you need to do.

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