Essential Security Tips for SMBs as Told by Experts: Part 2

Cyber Training

Last week, we discussed some of the most basic tips given by Australia’s top rated experts regarding cybersecurity. This week, we continue by giving you more tips in depth that will lead you to create the best cybersecurity strategy for your small or medium-sized business.

Affordable Cybersecurity

In Part 1 of this subject, we explored that one of the reasons why cybersecurity strategies are not implemented into a workplace is due to the lack of budget for cybersecurity. However, there are solutions that offer affordable security options focused towards small and medium-sized businesses, such as what CyberNinjas has to offer.

It’s important to find a cybersecurity company that shares your business’ values and ethics so that you can work with someone who you trust and has their best interest in mind for your company.
Hiring a cybersecurity company may sound like the most expensive option, however, cybersecurity companies often have packages that they can offer as monthly subscription schemes without forcing you to pay a large immediate sum upfront.

Avoiding Fraud and Scams 

The best way of avoiding falling into the hands of fraud is to always check every inquiry regarding personal or professional information at least two times. It’s easy, for example, to fall into an invoice scam, where you are sent an invoice for goods or services that were never ordered or received. When a person sees the potential of this being a genuine invoice, the immediate thought is to find the contact information on the invoice and get in touch with them.

Make sure that when you receive a surprise invoice such as this, you verify that the invoice matches an original purchase order number that you can track down to a website or that will match a transaction on your bank account statement. If it doesn’t, but you still have doubts, look up the company information online rather than on the invoice. For example, if you receive a suspicious invoice from Amazon, look up the contact information for Amazon online. 

Security Awareness & Business Education

Before implementing a cybersecurity policy or creating a security plan, there must be a level of awareness and education. In order to understand what your company’s needs are, you must first know what risks your business faces.

The niche of your business could determine the type of cyber attacks you would be more prone to receiving. Every type of cyber threat targets a specific type of victim and client. Phishing, for example, would not be targeted towards the head of a corporation who would be more likely to be educated about this threat. Workers or team members, who would be more focused on their respective occupations, would be a more likely target for Phishing as they rarely get involved in a company’s cybersecurity procedures. This is where education and awareness come into play as essential parts of a business’ security strategy.

For the third part of this series next week, we will be discussing even more essential security tips from Australia’s top experts in regard to cybersecurity implementation for small and medium-sized businesses.

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