Paying the Price: Is Free Antivirus Good Enough?

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It is perhaps the question of the century for all computer users – is free antivirus good enough?

Even though most people understand the risks they face while accessing the Internet of Things, they still fail to make a breakthrough and investigate whether free antivirus is good enough, or if you should invest in cybersecurity to protect your devices.

With the vast amount of options that are available online to access free antivirus software, and the high cost of antivirus software, it’s normal for users to want to explore the idea of using free antivirus software on a device.

But, is free antivirus good enough for your device? Let’s find out. 

Is Free Antivirus Good Enough? 

In short, no. Of course, you are not to blame for thinking so, with so many people recommending popular free antivirus software such as AVG or Avast antivirus software. But have you ever wondered if these recommendations came out of real cybersecurity protection or because the software was free?

You probably never asked yourself the question because you were so focused on the price, or lack thereof. Most free antivirus software is not good enough because they are very basic and offer limited protection with the incentive of giving you a small taste in hopes that you will install their more complete version – which, of course, requires payment. 

The King of Free Antivirus Software: Is AVG Antivirus Good Enough?

Whether you’re dealing with what everyone claims to be the best of the best of antivirus software, Avast or AVG, you will face the same problem: a lack of features that can provide full security for your device. 

However, if you’re looking for nothing more than home protection without any additional features, then you could get away with using free antivirus software such as AVG or Avast under the risk of not receiving full security coverage. 

As you are exploring which antivirus to select and if software such as Avast or AVG free antivirus are good enough, you need to consider what features you need tof your device and if the free version of the software will be enough to cover your needs.

Why is Paid Antivirus Software Better than Free Antivirus?

Of course you know the answer, you get what you pay for, but when it comes to antivirus software there is much more to it than that. You see, antivirus software doesn’t just block viruses from infecting your device. In fact, that’s actually just a small part of what antivirus does. 

If you just want simple antivirus home protection, free antivirus software will provide just that, but not at the full potential that a paid subscription will grant you. Cybersecurity is much more than blocking viruses and malware threats when they present themselves, which is why paid antivirus subscriptions often offer their services as a full cybersecurity suite, which offers:

  • Password manager
  • Personal file security 
  • Ransomware protection
  • Extended device coverage for your phones, tablets and other computers
  • Data encryption
  • Blocked fake websites for safer payment options
  • Family protection
  • Payment protection
  • Monitored device activity 
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Stronger Firewall
  • Social media scanners
  • Identity protection

These are features that you would not be able to receive from free antivirus software, so if after reading them it seems that you could use them, you should consider going for the paid antivirus software route instead. 

Free Antivirus Software vs Paid Antivirus Software Subscriptions

Free antivirus will always have less features than a paid subscription, but the only way of understanding if free antivirus is good enough is by comparing your choice of software side-by-side with the free version of the antivirus or with a free option from a different provider. 

Depending on your needs, and considering if you will be using the software for home or business use, you will need to change your criteria. The best you can do is go to the software provider’s website and check out what features they offer and find out for yourself – is free antivirus good enough for you?

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