Protecting Your Business from Radio Frequency Threats


It is not only virus attacks you should be worried about, radio frequency attacks are the new invisible espionage threat targeting enterprises of all sizes, and your business could be next.

So, why are radio frequency threats so dangerous? Because unlike viruses, almost all devices have radio accessibility. While governments worldwide have been quick to identify the threat and address it, small to medium-sized businesses have stayed behind.

The Danger Small and Medium-sized Businesses Face

Radio protocols that are unencrypted, common or that have reused key identifiers that can easily be decrypted are also known as running “in the wild.” When a radio frequency is considered to be in the wild, it is easy for an attacker to hack into a signal and listen freely to a corporation’s radio traffic unnoticed.

However, this is not the only risk businesses face. Once an attacker has gained access to radio frequency traffic, it can also manipulate devices and cause them to misbehave. It is often not until devices seem to be failing or acting strangely that IT teams don’t realise their radio traffic has been compromised. Attackers can obtain access to any radio frequency being as far a mile away from the perimeter.

Addressing RF Threats and Protecting Sensitive Data

To get started with a security strategy, it is necessary to first find out what and how many devices are operating in your radio space. It is also necessary to detect whether that radio frequency traffic is encrypted or not.

This is exactly where cybersecurity companies can protecting your organisation, as it is necessary to come up with a solution that can help you effectively detect and locate individual mobile devices.

The biggest challenge that organisations of all sizes face is that they are fundamentally reliant on wireless protocols for communication purposes. If all radio traffic was encrypted, the security threat would not be so big, however this is unfortunately not the case.

Which is precisely why a cybersecurity specialist needs to address unencrypted devices and how they pose a security threat to your business.

To address radio frequency threats, it is necessary to keep an eye on an organisation’s airspace and identify corporate traffic in real-time consistently and continuously. Identifying which devices are susceptible to an attack, whether a device is on or off the network, is essential to begin monitoring activity that could be a potential threat.

The complexity of such espionage attacks can only be assessed by professionals in the field of cybersecurity, as this is more delicate than a normal Trojan virus threat that can easily be dealt with using proper antivirus protection.

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