The Cybersecurity Guide All SMBs Need


Cybersecurity should be something everyone is familiar with as it’s not something that only concerns businesses. However, it seems that the term is more associated as something that “IT nerds” should know, but not everyone else. This misconception and excuse to be unfamiliar with what cybersecurity represents could put your business at stake. You think you’re not at risk? Think again. Cybersecurity incidents are becoming more and more popular, costing Australian businesses about $30 billion per year.

Cybersecurity: What Does It Entail?

While cybersecurity covers a wide spectrum of factors that range from network architecture to information and identity management, there is a process and strategy that should be designed with your business’ best interest in mind. In order to have incorporate cybersecurity into your workplace, there are four major steps that should be followed:

  1. Identify: what is the problem and how can it affect the company?
  2. Protect: your cybersecurity company should apply ways in which cyber threats can be prevented.
  3. Detect: in case of a security breach, the threat should be eliminated promptly. 
  4. Recover: if any data has been lost, recover it and protect your equipment from further attacks.

Winning the Race Against Cyber Threats

Although many sophisticated software programs are made available to the public to provide cybersecurity, they are all limited in the type of threats they are able to detect and eliminate. You could say that identifying a new virus is a race against time. Why is that? Because antivirus and cybersecurity software have a pre-programmed database of existing cyber threats that tells them how to deal with each threat. But what happens when a new virus comes along? The answer is not good.

It takes time for a program to identify that there is a new threat. As every security breach behaves differently, a program may not be familiar with suspicious activity that may arise from a new threat; at least not yet. In order for software to be efficient, it must have an evolving learning process to strengthen certain security components such as firewall technology and anti-malware software. But to evolve, it needs to first identify a new existing threat and mould a new strategy to eradicate the malware. This process could take anywhere from days to weeks depending on the complexity of the threat. This time without a solution for a new cyber threat creates a gap of time in which your business will surely be compromised. 

You Could Be Next

If you think your antivirus is enough cybersecurity for your business, think again. This breach of security when new threats arise can only be handled manually by an expert in cybersecurity, which is where CyberNinjas comes into play. While many business owners think it may not be worthwhile to invest into a proper cybersecurity strategy due to a low probability of being attacked, this could not be further from the truth. To get you thinking, 45% of all Australian businesses have suffered from some type of cyber crime. The risk just keeps growing: from 2017 to 2018 there was an increase of 55% in cyber attacks targeting Australian SMBs.

So, before it’s too late to act, contact CyberNinjas so you can get an appraisal and orientation about coming up with the right cybersecurity strategy that your business needs.

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