Anti-virus software is not Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is deep, complex and constantly evolving. New hacker threats, new technologies,
new data privacy laws and greater consumer expectations. Your business needs a protection strategy, not a single tool.

Cybersecurity is more than just software...

In 2020, the cyber-risks to your business are...

We protect your business with the latest & best tech

Need expert cybersecurity advice?

Our team includes highly trained degree qualified cybersecurity engineers with years of experience (many with masters degrees in cybersecurity). They hold industry leading certifications such as CISSP, CEH, CCNA, Security+, Network+ and CWNA.

We can create a NIST based cybersecurity plan (RTP, SoA, IRP) for your business modelled on the ASD8 strategies recommended by the Australian government cybersecurity agencies (ACSC & ASD).

We provide ongoing advice and support based on your specific needs, industry compliance requirements and legal obligations (Privacy Act, NBD Scheme, GDPR, APP, PCI DSS, etc).

How we protect your business

Our risk assessment and gap analysis matches your cyber-risk profile to the right protection strategy for your business.
This means you’re fully protected where it matters most and stay compliant with industry standards and legal requirements.

Email & Web Security

  • Email Filtering & Protection (fraud, spam, impersonation)
  • Web Content Management & Control
  • G-Suite/Office365 Security Setup & Administration
  • Business Website Protection
  • Home & Business Wifi/Internet Security
  • Advanced Firewall (Next-Gen, AI/ML Analysis)

Ransomware Protection

  • Advanced Malware Protection (viruses, worms, trojans, adware, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits)
  • Brand Protection (Dark Web Monitoring)
  • Credit Score Alerts
  • Identity Theft Alerts
  • Business Backup

Cloud Login Security

  • Secure Internet (VPN)
  • Multi-Layer Cloud Login Security (2FA/SSO)
  • Password Management Systems (LP, 1P)
  • Web Form Validation Checks (SSL/HTTPS)
  • Keylogger Protection

Laptop & Desktop Protection

  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Device Control (usb, cd/dvd, external drives)
  • Software Controls
  • Software Updates Management
  • Data Privacy & Encryption

Smartphone Protection

  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Mobile Device Management (secure, track, wipe)
  • Authentication Control
  • Custom Security Profiles
  • Wifi & Bluetooth Security
  • Data Privacy & Encryption

24/7 Monitoring Centre
& Cyber Response Team

  • Security Operations Centre (SOC) Staffed 24/7
  • Cyber Response Team Available 24/7
  • Certified Cybersecurity Engineers (CISSP, CEH,
    CCNA, Security+, Network+, CWNA)
  • Regular Asset Vulnerability Checks

Ongoing Advice & Support

  • Advice specific to your needs, industry requirements and legal obligations
  • NIST based cybersecurity plans (RTP, SoA, IRP) modelled on ASD8 strategies
  • Compliance guidelines, procedures, templates, checklists and security policy advice
  • Regular health-checks, monthly reports, quarterly check-ins and annual reviews
  • Protection that adapts to your changing business needs using the latest and best tech
  • Cybersecurity engineers available 24/7 for advice and support

Ready to protect your business?

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We help simplify cybersecurity for small business.
We'll save you time, money and stress in getting your business and data protected. All our advice is plain english and jargon free. We promise no cyber-tech speak. Contact us today.

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